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Welcome to Algebra I - 9th
Welcome to the second half of Algebra I. I'm so excited to have you in my class! Algebra I - 9th is an advanced class that you have been placed in due to your eighth grade mathematics average and eighth grade math MAAP (Mississippi Academic Assessment Program). Algebra I is an essential course as it is a foundation for all future mathematics courses in both high school and college. This advanced course is designed to challenge you on a higher academic level in order to help you score a 5 on the MAAP Algebra I test that you will take this spring. Because of this, I will hold you to a high standard of behavior and academic performance. There may come a time this semester where you struggle and have to put forth more effort than you have had to in previous courses. I need you to embrace and learn from productive struggle! This is a necessary skill for this course.
Important Algebra I Links