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over 4 years ago

Mrs. Sheila Kribbs - Principal

Phone: 601-758-4730


Mrs. Sheila Kribbs - Principal

Dear Parents and Friends:
Dear Sumrall High School Families,Welcome to the opening of what promises to be a wonderful school year! At this time of the year, there is great anticipation of what is to come, and I am as excited as the Sumrall High School teachers, students, and parents. 

Together, teachers, students, and parents/guardian make a strong SHS family. We appreciate your support as your student enters the classroom, learns and grows through the year. Let's all commit to have a great school year and to setting everyone, students as well as teachers up for success. Throughout the year I look forward to meeting the new members of our community and connecting with returning community members. I encourage families to get to know each other so that we can build new friendships and support each other as the need arises. 

You will have a great opportunity to meet new people and see old friends at Back-to-School Night on August 25th, from 6:00-8:00 pm. This is the time when parents/guardians will meet in the classrooms with teachers and learn about grade level curriculum, projects and expectations. A few things to make our year go more smoothly is to check the SHS website. It's been updated and has information you need to keep on top of what's happening at school. Check it out! 

And finally, school begins at 7:45. You set your child up for success by getting him/her to school on time, ready to learn.We are ready to begin the 2016-2017 school year. The teachers have put a lot of time and energy into getting ready for the year. Having spent a lot of time at the school during the summer, I was impressed to see the dedication of our staff preparing all summer for the school year. At SHS, the staff, faculty and administration are honored that you entrust us with your precious ones. The hours that your children are with us each day are so important. Here's to a great school year! Be confident, Be Strong, Be Amazing and Believe that you can finish the RACE!

Sheila Kribbs
Principal SHS

Mr. Rick Monk - Assistant Principal

Phone: 601-758-4730


Mr. Rick Monk - Assistant Principal

I've been in education for 36 years, all but 1 year has been as a Sumrall Bobcat.

By Leighton Smith

Office Staff

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Attendance Office - 601-758-4730 ext 7803
Stephanie Ewert  

Registrar Office / Counselor's Office - 601-758-4730 ext 7801
Bonita Cooper -

Lead Teacher/Interventionist Sherry Pittman -

Counselor's Office - 601-758-4730 ext 7807
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Secretary - Michelle Green -                   

Principal Secretary / Bookkeeper - 601-758-4730 ext 7805
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By Leighton Smith