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IST Guidelines

8 months ago

IST (aka ISS) Key Points for Attendees




1. You know that you are assigned to IST/ISS, so come prepared with...

            - supplies like paper, pencil, pen, calculator and the like

            - any assignments from your teachers

            - textbooks, workbooks, worksheets.

I will work with your teachers to get your assignments* so that your day is productive. Additional work may be assigned to you that is approved by school administration. In case your day is not full, bring a book to read so that you can remain occupied.


2. Follow instructions.


3. No talking or getting up without permission. Sit in your selected/assigned cubicle.


4. Raise your hand for permission to speak or get up.


5. No eating or drinking except for breakfast (8:10 AM stop) and lunch. No gum or candy.


6. Two (2) non-lunch bathroom breaks/day. A log will be maintained on the white board. No bathrooming during a test.


7. We will travel to the lunchroom at ~11:30 AM as a group, get lunch and travel back to IST/ISS to eat. We will eat in the room, stopping at ~12:00 PM.


8. Heads up, eyes open, feet down and all chair legs on the floor. Face forward and no feet or writing on cubicle walls.


9. No personal electronics use at all unless approved. Have devices off. This is a NO CELL PHONE ZONE. Cell phones are to be surrendered. Belongings are subject to inspection.


10. Generally one warning then to Mr. Reynolds. IST/ISS can become OSS. 


* Our process is to follow the block schedule when completing work. With this process, each subject is addressed. If for some reason work has not arrived for a block, we will work on what is available. For example, if 1st block work is not here at the beginning of the day, but a 2nd block test is, the test will be taken during the 1st block time period.


If your class assignment for the day would have included a task such as a formal presentation, accommodations can be made for this limited class participation. 

By Terry Finch