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7 months ago

Rules and Expectations

-On an away game or contest roll call, you must be seated in your seat for roll call. Not running around getting your uniform or putting it on. Once in your seat you must remain in your seat.

-Once we start dismissing for the buses on away games, you MUST remain in your seat.

-Once the competitve portion of our season begins, guys must be clean shaven and girls must not use finger nail polish while in uniform (woodwinds).

-We will have a set way to wear the uniform, and it must be adheared to.

-Wearing of khakis and jeans underneath your uniform is unaccecptable.

-We wear TALL black socks with our uniform (ankle black socks is the same as not having the right socks).

-On a home game, we will sit in assigned seats alphabetically by last name. No one that is not a member of the group will be allowed in the band set. Your baggage and “stuff” must be put on the right side of the bleachers out of the way from the set.

-You do get third quarter off to get food, visit with friends and family, you must be back in your assigned seat at the start of fourth quarter. Failure to do so, will result in the next week's third quarter being taken from you.

-You will now get two grades per Football game and Contest.

One for attendance (tardy will result in immediate 70)

One for materials: each item of uniform, music, instrument, flag, etc. (each missing item is

30 points from your grade).

-If you are checking out after a football game or contest, parents will need to meet us at the buses and sign you out there.  

-In the event of frequent absences (2 or more) in a given week, I shall hold the ability to not allow that person to march that week's performance.

-New Adjustment to Band Fees-$50

-The band hall will not be used a locker room or storage. More people use the band hall than just the high school. Instruments may be stored, and that days change of clothes during marching season, but clothes from other days must go home.

-Percussion students.....we use the room for teaching small groups, it must be kept clean and orderly.

-Seniors: if you want a senior pin, you must be enrolled in both semesters of your senior year

-Lettermans: Must march 3 years for boosters to pay half